Copyright © Natalie LeBlanc 2020 all rights reserved.

For this project, I interviewed ten individuals and asked each of them to recall a significant experience in their life. The narratives were then arranged into an audio montage and layered over various angles of a mutating and shifting wake, the track left behind a moving ship. As each story unfolds, the wake not only becomes a signifier for the ephemeral connection between the past, present and future, it becomes a metaphor for each individual’s character, strength, and voice. The wake's path ultimately transforms into an abstract, topographic representation of vocal frequencies weaving in and out of the frame.

As a viewer, you are invited to take part in the wake. Although you are unable to see the direction for which you are headed, you may find yourself ruminating on the path that you’ve left behind.

The Wake is a 3 minute video loop projected on a wall approximately 13’ x 10.’ It was a finalist at The Évenement Interuniversitaire de Création Vidéo (EICV) in Montréal, QC. in 2006.