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As a painter, I work in series and juxtaposing images. This structure exemplifies my personal/artistic and pedagogical philosophy — that there are many ways in which an object/subject must be viewed (or examined) in order to be understood.

When images are placed in a sequential manner, they invite the viewer to entertain spaces between; pluralizing meaning rather than objectifying it. Analyses, made through multiple lenses, and from varying vantage points, reveal that repetition and variation are necessary for building and/or acquiring an informed understanding.

The Distance Between Us is a series of paintings that makes reference to objects in landscape — doors, gates, roads, windows, as well as various natural  found artifacts — that appear and re-appear in various degrees. These objects are metaphors for the self-reflective and self-reflexive practices that I am actively seeking out, and engaging in, when and while I am painting. They are curricular signifiers objects of curiosity — that are rendered, examined, and ultimately abandoned, in my pursuit for knowledge.